Hello from Exhausted Photographer………so tired that I spelt exhausted wrong in my username :)

mmmmm  Hello. I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for sometime, and have been keeping my friends amused with stories from the Weddings I have photographed for the last 5 years.  Mainly about the silly things I have done whilst at weddings, the things the books on how to be a photographer do not mention.

So I am hoping this blog will be about the things I have done whilst photographing weddings and seen at weddings but also advice on what not to say to your photographer and how not to treat them at weddings, because the last thing a bride wants to do is to annoy the person who can airbrush the other way.

 Don’t get me wrong, I love my job ,as a wedding photographer, J’adore.  I really do. I left a very well paid job to persue my pathological addiction to the camera. I love the challenge, the fast paced atmosphere, thinking on your feet, the free food and alcohol ( although I do have 3 rules for weddings, but I will blog about this later)  I even love the daily grind of running my own business but I am tired, so tired that I need a hug and a cuppa.

 I get an absolute kick out of giving brides great images but its a big *yawn* or *up yours* to the photographers who take themselves to seriously and some brides who don’t follow the ‘Life is to important to be taken seriously’ mantra on their wedding days.

So this blog, I hope will be a confession of sorts, a way for me to vent!   I am hoping that it will be a cheeky peek into the world of being a wedding photographer, what the photographer saw and did from accidently knocking my nose ring out and sending it flying towards the bride during the ring exchange to the vicar saying ‘I hope they have paid you and not by cheque’ and to the bride asking me if back fat will be an issue in the photographs and the bride who expected me to airbrush the socks even in all the shots ( for Free!)

I am not a writer, I am a photographer so if my spelling is questionable then I am sorry. Hoping to update weekly or after every wedding. Sometime you will read this and think that it can’t be true, well rest assured my dear loyal readers, its all true only dates and names have been changed….or have they 🙂

Hope that someone reads me. I was going to write a blog about ‘dating the French’ but that will have to wait for now.

Exhausted Photographer………….and yes I am aware that I spelt my username incorrectly, just goes to show how tired I am juggling work across time zones, just don’t tell my mother she would not be pleased with bad spelling.


About exhaustedphotographer

I am an Exhusted Wedding Photographer, 35 (ish) who has been engaged twice so maybe I am better suited to photographing weddings than partak
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2 Responses to Hello from Exhausted Photographer………so tired that I spelt exhausted wrong in my username :)

  1. Jean says:

    I guess your stories have to be carefully crafted..if they are clients. Or maybe swap stories with others. 🙂

    As you can tell from my website, I’ve seen some bridal couples ride away on their bikes together. Ethnic weddings might be especially interesting for you.

    • I have so many stories that I need to get them out of my system before I have a bridal breakdown. I love being a wedding photographer but some of the bitchyness is just so out there that I am not sure stress can be used as an excuse for wedding bitchyness 🙂

      Thanks for the comment, I glad someone is reading wedding bitchyness or exhusted (without the a) photograher.

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